Taking Stock Of Your Unit

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When it’s time to clean out your house before you move or so that you can perform a deep clean of each room, you can take some of your belongings to a storage unit until you need them again. This task might seem like it would be easy, but there are some tips that you can keep in mind that will make arranging everything in the unit a bit easier. Before you move your belongings into the unit, you should make a list of what you’re going to store. 

A self storage facility mclean va offers usually has various sizes to choose from depending on what you want to store. Look at the number of boxes that you have as well as the furniture that you have to determine whether you need a small unit or one that has more space, especially if you plan on putting more items in the unit at a later time. 

After putting your items in your unit, place a few dryer sheets around to deter insects and spiders. You can put the sheets in each corner of the unit. Mothballs are good to use as well. Dryer sheets will also keep musty odors from developing in your unit. If you plan on keeping your belongings in the unit for a few months, then you should change the sheets so that they retain their fragrance. 

Pack your belongings in containers that repel moisture. Avoid using a lot of cardboard because moisture can settle into the material. Plastic storage boxes are often the best to use when you’re packing things like clothes, toys, or small items. When you begin storing your items, leave a pathway so that it’s easier to get to what you need when you want something from your unit. Another way to keep moisture from invading your unit is to put a small container of charcoal in the middle. 

Utilize the vertical space that you have in the unit as most facilities are taller than wider. Consider using shelves for more space for your belongings. This will also help you keep everything organized so that it’s easier to find what you need. Label all of the boxes that you store as to make it easy to quickly find what’s needed. You can also make a chart of the boxes that are in your unit after everything is positioned. 

If you store mattresses and box springs, put a large piece of plastic over them to keep moisture away. Another option would be to use a mattress cover. Two fitted sheets can be placed on each side of the mattresses and box springs to prevent dust from settling. Avoid putting your items right up against the wall of the unit. If there are any insects or rodents, then they will likely scurry along the sides and have the ideal place to run through your boxes and furniture. Set a few traps to capture any insects or rodents that might be in there that you don’t see right away.

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