How To Organize Your Storage Units

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For some families that own a large home, storage space seems to never be a problem. They always have space in the attic or basement. Many of us don’t own homes like our parents did though. Recent generations have found it more convenient to rent apartments or homes instead of purchasing them. With the increase in rentals, there has been a significant increase in the amount of self storage facilities. Renting climate controlled storage units Minneapolis MN residents have found can be expensive if you don’t maximize the storage space that you lease. Here are some strategies to use to get the most of your money. 

Using The Far Back Corner or Wall Of Your Storage Unit 

What do you put in that portion of your storage facility that you may never get to again unless you empty the entire unit? Think of items you are saving for when you own a home and are not going to use when renting. This might be appliances such as a refrigerator or a washer or dryer. It can also be artwork and collectibles that you don’t plan on displaying while you are still renting. 

How Many Pots and Pans Do Your Really Need? 

The next item to put into the storage unit towards the back are all those pots and pans you got as wedding gifts that you never use. Keep enough of them in your kitchen so you can entertain or use them to take dishes to pot lucks. Those pot luck meals are increasing in popularity, but do you really need 6 different casserole dishes? Get them out of the way and maximize the use of your storage unit. 

Where Do The Tools Go? 

These can be used to finish out the back half of your rental unit if you are renting a home. You aren’t going to have the space to set aside for your own workshop while renting and might damage your rental property if you do. Get those tools out of the way until you have a place you own. Until then, a repair is just a call away. Call your community’s maintenance office and they can fix anything you would have used your tools on. 

Rotate Your Seasonal Decorations 

You might think that your seasonal decorations can go in the back of the unit, but these should go in the front. That is because you are going to rotate them out regularly. Designate an area for those seasonal decorations. Each season take the ones out and replace them with the ones that you just used. If you need to, rotate older decorations forward to the front of the unit since you will need them next. 

This is Just The Beginning 

How you organize your storage unit is up to you, but these tips will get you started. You can use expandable clothes racks to pack higher up in your unit. You can also purchase special storage accessories. The key is to make plans and follow them.


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