Security Guards Needed All Over The World

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Everyone in America and across the goal wants to be able to feel safe in their home, at an event, and in the general public. Safety can be obtained in many different forms. Most people choose the Second Amendment which is the right to bear arms but in some public settings or locations an individual cannot have a weapon. This is when a policeman or security guard comes into play. There is a limited amount of policemen available and in most cases police officers are fighting active crime. The security guard is like a junior police officer. Some security guards have guns and some don’t. The main role of a security guard is to monitor and report but their presence alone usually can deter individuals from engaging in criminal activity. The word security can be defined in many different ways. The first is when a person or persons feel safe in their home or any other setting and they are not concerned about being harmed. The second definition is to protect a place and to keep unauthorized personnel from entering or leaving a location. The third definition is the protection of private property. 

Duties Of A Security Guard 

The responsibilities of security guards differ from job to job but they are generally all the same. The main focus is the keep a safe and secure environment by patrolling and monitoring for any criminal or suspicious activity. The guard must monitor surveillance equipment, monitor entry gates, and inspect buildings. The guard must monitor for damaged or stolen property and respond properly to any alarms whether they are accidental or not. The skills needed by security guards are as follows surveillance skills, good judgment, dependability, reporting, integrity, and emotional control. The guard must also be team-oriented because at anytime assistance may be needed from another security officer and in some cases from actual law enforcement officers. 

Las Vegas Security Guard Requirements 

In cities where there is vast entertainment and money everywhere there is a need for security. Many unarmed security guards las vegas nv are very much needed and in extreme situations armed security guards are needed. The reason why is because in some instances large amounts of money and valuables have to be protected. The duty of the unarmed or armed security guard in Las Vegas, Nevada is basically to protect property, stop crime in general, and prevent vandalism. The guards in Las Vegas usually work in establishments like casinos, hotels, banks, etc. The guard must be licensed by the state and have a current and active guard card to provide services. 

The requirement that are needed to work as a Las Vegas security guard is that the person has to be 21 years of age, obtain a guard card that is issued by the Nevada Private Investigators Licensing Board, and be legally able to work in the United States. The individuals also must be current on his or her child support and pass a federal background check. The guard has to renew their guard card or license every 5 years and the guard has to have worked 10,000 hours. A plus is that if the guard has work less to try to advance their career in the criminal justice system by obtaining higher education the college credits can be counted as work hours. If the guard obtains an associate degree it counts for 1333 hours worked and if the guard obtains a bachelor degree it counts for 3000 hours worked.

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