Getting A Good Job In Security

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There is nothing wrong with wanting to find work that reaches as close to law enforcement as possible. You can do some of what they do without actually becoming a police office or sheriff. Being a security guard is a good job. People count on you to keep the things safe and in order so that businesses can function without an incident. You can have a long career where you can be hired directly by the company or come from s company where security guards a hired out to work at certain posts. Either way, you are on your way to a very lucrative career path. 

Are The Different Levels Of Security 

You will find that there are two distinct levels of security guards. They are commissioned and regular security guards. The commissioned guards are allowed to carry weapons. They are licensed to carry so that if anything happens to be life-threatening, they can act accordingly. Should anything go wrong you would contact them first and then the police. You would only find these types of security officers in banks and other money places and you will find them in hospitals. You would probably also find them in school. Regular security guards are found in places where you would not usually have one and these environments tend to be less hostile than other places. That is why they can make their rounds in an atmosphere that is relatively safe but just needs authoritative order. Plus, regular security guards do not get paid as much as a commissioned guard. So that along gives you something to think about. You can find security job AZ if you believe that this is the field for you. Being a security guard is not easy, you will have to secure the people and tell people where to go. 

What Is The Typical Salary 

Depending on what company that they are working out regular security guards can make anywhere from $10 to $13 an hour. Commissioned security guards make anywhere from $14 to $25 an hour. These figures obviously could change from company to company. It is just a matter of where do you want to start your career in this field. You can be promoted over time. However, you do need to show up and have on your uniform along with doing what you are supposed to do. There is nothing wrong with working that job that gives you authority to give directions. This keeps the offices running like they should when you have people coming in daily. It is the officer who checks them in at the front desk and sees their photo ids before letting them come up to the different floors. Checking people in will keep everyone safe. You can find security jobs in AZ

Being a security guard has its rewards. You will love what you do and people will appreciate tryout service. Check this field out and see if this might the job choice for you. Get it now.


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