You Should Protect Your Home From Termites Year Round

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It’s important to consider protecting any structure constructed using wood materials from termite infestation. Termites aren’t discriminatory in their choices of structures to inhabit and infest, and it’s always better to be proactive than to have to deal with an active issue. There two main options to protect buildings from an infestation. It’s best to contact a professional in regards to residential termite control Springfield Il for help. They will be able to tell you what is best for the property you need to protect. They may recommend an available option such as a termite barrier or a bait option. 

Termite barriers are liquid termiticide treatments which form a protective barrier between the structure and the soil to discourage the termites from ever entering the structure. They may also be applied in the event of an active infestation at which point the active termites would die off for lack of ability to reach the moisture in the soil necessary to support life. In cases such as this infestation problem in Palm Beach County, a barrier treatment is more effective in eliminating an already existing issue. What’s great about the barrier option is that once it is applied it can prevent initial or future infestations for a period of time that will depend on what type of barrier is used as well as other factors. Your pest control specialist will be able to advise best when you should schedule each upcoming treatment. 

The other common termite control method is bait. The major difference with bait stations is that they allow the toxic bait to be carried back to the termite nest at which point the entire colony is affected and eradicated from the inside. This is a positive as it does not require the application to the soil surrounding the structure in the event that this is something that concerns you. The technician will install the bait station(s) in areas that they are sure to be found by the termites, and then the bait will be picked up and carried to the nest where it begins to work immediately. 
No matter what type of method you choose to control termites, the piece of advice we want to emphasize is prevention. It is much better to be proactive in your approach when termites are a possibility. The damage done by these insects can be quite difficult to deal with. They are able to make quick work of doing major damage to any structure they have access to, and they do not stop until you force them out. Utilizing one of the two popular methods of prevention will be incredibly beneficial in ensuring that you do not have to deal with a headache and costs that come with the necessary repairs that are inevitable once you are infested by termites. If you have a structure in need of treatment to protect against a termite infestation, we would be happy to help answer any questions you may have about the best route of pest control.


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