Information About Your Residential Furnace 

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If you need to install, service, repair, or replace your furnace and its accompanying equipment, there are many factors to consider when you have to make the important investment in your home of choosing the furnace itself and the local HVAC company’s professional and experienced team that you want to employ to keep that furnace operating efficiently and safely. A home furnace is a major permanently-installed appliance that provides heat to an interior space. The name “furnace” comes from the Latin word fornax, meaning oven. A heating appliance that uses hot water or steam is known as a hot water boiler or a steam boiler. The most common fuel for the furnace is natural gas. Others include electricity, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), fuel oil, and rarely wood or coal. Modern furnaces operate without a chimney, and waste heat and gas are ventilated through PVC pipes placed through the roof or side of the house. 

Most “warm air” furnaces use a fan to circulate the air to the different rooms of the house and pull the cooler air to the furnace for reheating. The cool air goes into the furnace, normally through an air filter, goes through the blower and the heat exchanger, and then it is blown through the building. A major advantage of this system is that it enables easy installation of central air conditioning by simply adding a cooling coil at the furnace’s outlet. What type of furnace repairs require your giving them immediate attention? (1) The system will not turn on, (2) the system is making a rattling or other unusual noise, (3) heat is not being provided, (4) the air blowing through the ducts is not sufficiently heating the entire residence, (5) only cold air blows out, (6) there is an odd smell, (7) there is frequent cycling, (8) the blower runs non-stop, or anything else that doesn’t appear to be right with the operation. 

Why is the proper clean indoor air quality important? They have been making homes “tighter” for efficiency reasons, but the weather stripping and caulk guns have eliminated air leaks from homes, which means contaminants cannot escape. Pollutants, dust, and smoke cause poor indoor air quality, which aggravates problems such as allergies and asthma. A ventilation system that helps remove contaminants and airborne dust particles by exchanging stale recirculated indoor air with fresh and filtered outside air greatly reduces the exposure of those contaminants to the family’s respiratory systems. If you are in need of residential furnace services Zion IL area, look for a licensed and insured HVAC contractor that is best chosen from recommendations of satisfied family members and friends.

Look for one that has good reviews online from their customers and the Better Business Bureau. Additionally, you need to be pleased with their personal visit with a free evaluation, a costs estimate, and the promise of prompt service when needed. With regular furnace maintenance and service, most problems can be avoided or hopefully quickly corrected.

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