How to Select the Best Heating Installation for Your Home

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Installing an efficient heating system for your home is essential especially when you live in the cold areas that experience winter during the year. Many new homes nowadays have some form of central air heating and conditioning system pre-installed. However, there are other options such as the boiler or furnace powered central heating units that can be economical as well as efficient.


There are many things you must consider while selecting a heating unit and how they compare in terms of installation costs, servicing and maintenance, and fuel costs. Additionally, health factors are also of important consideration especially in case of forced air heating that some people are allergic to. The following are the three major heating installation types.


Water-Based Central Heating

Central heating involves a lot of processes and equipment. For instance, during installation, a central boiler or furnace, radiators, and pipes should be set up in your home. Connecting all these pipes and radiators to the boiler takes more time and effort depending on the area to be installed. Radiators are not liked by most homeowners as they take more space as well as they are nothing of beauty.


The amount of hardware and equipment required for a central heating system results in huge installation costs. Additionally, the labor and time required to finish the installation are usually high. However, once the system is fully installed, the service and maintenance costs are usually low. These systems can require only one servicing per year.


Forced Air Units


These systems use central boilers that help to push the air around the home through a series of pipes. These type of system also requires intensive installations since the system requires that all the ducts and central furnace be installed. Most installations use high-efficiency furnaces which run on gas, oil, or electricity in forced installation units.


Additionally, these systems do not require the installation of a chimney for ventilation. If serviced regularly, these furnaces can efficiently run for up to 20 years. The only major demerit of these systems is people with allergic conditions can have a problem with air circulation in the house. Additionally, germs and dust can spread rapidly if not regulated well.

Electric Baseboard Heating


The installation costs of this system are cheaper compared to the other two systems mentioned above. In this system, every room is installed with a separate unit and temperature regulated differently as per the users’ requirements. This is a big advantage however; the main problem with this system is high operational costs especially in the coldest months of the year. Additionally, the air within the rooms can become too dry requiring the use of humidifiers for moisture regulation. This case means that, as a homeowner, you will have to incur extra costs on the purchase of additional equipment.


When you need to install any of them, you ought to find a heating installation berthoud co professionals who can help you with the right system and support. All you need to do is conduct thorough research of professionals within your locality and compare their service quality. Additionally, settle for a professional service that can advise you on the best system to install in your home.


The three mentioned systems have their advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your needs, each one of them has its merits. Whichever you settle on, ensure that you have it well maintained to serve you better during the cold winters.


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