Why Major Construction Firms are moving to Modular Construction

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Construction firms are quickly shifting towards modular construction. In this article we will highlight some of the reasons for this and why modular constructions are superior to traditional building models.


One of the most important advantages of a modular structure is its moderate price. When several similar parts are built at the same time, economies of scale become effective. Most of the construction and renovation work is done internally, so there are no costly delays because of weather conditions experienced by customers. This cost both the company and client a lot less. In the long run, it is more cost-efficient making major construction companies drift towards modular construction.

Superior Acoustics

Modular structures have better acoustic properties than traditional structures. In normal homes, sound spreads to walls and ceilings. As a result, floating floors are often used to reduce noise. In prefabricated houses, each module is a separate structure. When connecting, it is difficult to pass the noise from one to the other resulting in noise reduction.

Speedy Construction

Modular structures are built on a continuous assembly line, so construction is fast. Local inspectors can check immediately after the components of each building are ready, without waiting for the municipal inspector to approve everything. Once all the pieces have arrived, they simply assemble them. Everything is done in a few hours, not weeks or months. Time is a major factor in constructions. Both the clients and the construction firm want the construction done as soon as possible. With modular construction this is possible

Minimal Impact on a Client’s Premise

The advantage of a modular building is that it removes 80% of the building activity from the actual site. As a result, you can manage your school or business smoothly, with minimal impact and interference. There is a huge shift in demand for modular structures owing to such advantages to the clients. This probes major construction firms to focus more on modular construction.

Bespoke Options Available

Another advantage of modular structures is custom designs. In other words, each building is adapted to your needs. Modular buildings can be customized to meet exact space and budget requirements. This is hard to achieve with traditional building methods but is completely achievable with modular structures.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Modular buildings are environmentally friendly. Built with green building materials and market leader with recycled materials, these structures pose no risk to the environment. Offsite construction also reduces waste. Also, modular construction ensures that you can invest in a sustainable process from start to finish.

Durable Materials

The modular building will be built with durable building materials for a longer lifespan. The materials used in the interior walls not only improve sound insulation and fire resistance but also, the building’s overall structure which is highly airtight and guarantees energy efficiency.

Flexibility of Use

The modular construction is very flexible because of the custom design. If you need more space in the garden room, office, studio, classroom or music room, the modular building can meet your requirements with a perfect precision. Many customers use modular buildings for a variety of purposes and can be designed accordingly. This, in the end, causes a rising demand for modular structures which motivates major construction companies to venture into modular construction.

Consistently High-Quality

Quality is another reason many customers go for a modular structure rather than a traditional one. Regardless of the size of the project, modularly assembled homes and structures are designed and built to high consistent standards in a factory environment. Quality control is strictly applied from design to completion. This means that the final product can only be approved through a rigorous process control.

Modular structures are by far superior to the traditional building models. In today’s competitive construction industry, firms have to compete to stay relevant in the market and also make profits. Modular structures offer firms a cheaper, safer and faster means of construction. The customers on the other hand get to experience quality structures built-in time according to their specifications. In the end everyone goes home happy and contented. For more information on modular structures visit www.elitesystemsgb.co.uk


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