What do you know about your bathroom’s plumbing system?

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The bathroom is one of those places which come in use more than once on a daily basis with washing, showering, using the toilet and even grooming occurring more than once. The use of your bathroom is such that you cannot afford to have your bathroom malfunction; it would probably put an unwanted stop to your daily home life.

For that reason it is important for you to get acquainted with the plumbing system of your bathroom and understand the basic working of every toilet and bathroom part. This would help you to identify the problem, which is basically the most important part of fixing the plumbing issues. Once you have identified the plumbing issue you can fix it by DIYs through instruction or video or if the part needs replacing then you can always get the best plumbing supplies Perth from plumbingsales.com.au

Why should we do it ourselves and not hire a professional

That is a very legit concern, yes it is good to take the safer route and be safe than sorry. But what we are mentioning is not a way for you to save money, even though it will, our motive is to help you in emergency situation where a situation requires an immediate fix and you cannot wait for a plumber.

Also it is important to understand the basics of your bathroom plumbing system because this will help you in avoiding a larger issue in longer run. If you are aware of how things work you yourself can carry out necessary but easy maintenance of your washroom and keep things flowing. This will keep surprise emergencies at bay as you would probably aware of the condition of the parts and you would also know when to call a professional.

Important components of a bathroom

Bathroom is divided into 2 parts where there is a fresh water supply to wash and clean and there is a drainage to drain the used water to the main drain line and to the septic tank. You must know that there are certain plumbing parts which play an important role in carrying out the supply and drainage of water.

Fill valve, flapper and P-Trap

The three components mentioned are mostly responsible of draining the used water and toilet waste down to the drain line.

Fill valve and Flapper are found the cistern or the water tank on the toilet. They basically help you flush down the waste when you pull down the lever of the toilet. Fill valve is responsible of filling the water tank and flapper is part which releases the water in the tank to flush the toilet when you pushy the lever. So when the toilet is not working then most probably there would be a problem with those 2.

Secondly you have the P-Trap which is attached underneath the sink, a U shaped drain pipe which takes the water to the drain when you wash your hands etc. It is important to clean the P-trap often as things get clogged inside it which hinders the water flow.

Shower, Shutoff and thermostatic valve

Shower and taps provide the way for fresh clean water to be supplied in the bathroom and if you are facing and issues such as hindering of water flow or sounds in water tap then they would require fixing or replacement. Some fixes and replacements would require you to open the shower heads and taps completely and for that to happen you must close the water supply by a shutoff valve so you may not loose water unnecessarily.

Then comes the thermostatic valve which gives you control over the temperature of water when you bath and wash. It is a very important tool in order to maintain the right temperature of water, too hot can burn you and too cold itself is not easy to bath in.

Problems you may face in plumbing

Dripping taps

Your taps may start to drip over time, this could be a big issue and would probably require a plumber because dripping taps usually have an underlying problem which is different almost all the time.

Clogged drain and toilet

Clogged drain can be fixed by having it cleaned by a cleaner or a plunger as too much waste clogs it. The same goes for toilets as plunging would solve the issue but when toilets start to back up consistently then you would need to change your toilet as its life may be over and you can get quality plumbing supplies Perth from plumbingsales.com.au

Sink not draining

This usually because of the dry soap or some residue stuck in the P-Trap which causes the water to drain slowly. You would need to clean the P-trap in order to get things moving.


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