Different Types of Car Washes

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Every gas station seems to have a different type of car wash. Does the type of car wash you use make that big of a difference? This article outlines the differences between various forms of car washes and the benefits of each.


The most easily recognized type of car wash is the automatic car wash. These car washes are often at many gas stations and offer various levels of cleaning dependent on the price tier you select. Automatic car washes generally provide different options such as the standard automatic wash, touchless washes and brushless washes. Each generally sees regular maintenance and care through a gas station service technician after a certain period of use. A standard automatic wash cleans your car with rotating bristles, which is very effective and fast at removing dirt and grime.


A brushless wash does the same as a standard automatic wash though it uses soft cloths instead of bristled brushes. Brushless washes provide plenty of cleaning with a softer touch, offering a good option between standard automatic washes and a touchless wash.


A touchless wash cleans your vehicle with the use of high-pressure liquids and air, avoiding direct contact with your vehicle. This type of wash is ideal for vehicles with many fragile exterior components or a delicate finish.


Self-service car washes can be found at gas stations and at independent locations. While these types of washes can take longer, some people prefer them if they like being able to wash their cars by themselves. Self-service car washes tend to be easy to use and offer results that equal the amount of effort that the user puts in. This process takes longer than standard automatic washes, but it allows for a more personal touch with cleaning.

There are many car wash options available no matter where you look. Choose the one that best fits your schedule and your vehicle’s needs.

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