Benefits of Timeline Templates for Litigation

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After months of research and data retrieval, it is time to present your case to the judge and jury, so great care must be taken to ensure the information is accessible and understandable. Rather than leave this part of the presentation to chance, it is better to utilize simple tools to create helpful visual aids that everyone can comprehend.

One such communication device is through the use of timelines, where details can be sorted into categories and then displayed in a chronological manner. For example, by inputting your client’s data into a medical timeline template, you can demonstrate how their health has continued to be impacted by a particular incident.

Save Time and Money

You may have colleagues who claim to create timelines on their own, but this can take a lot of time, which can be a monetary loss as well. Instead of struggling with a spreadsheet or other self-made exhibit, invest in templates that have been designed specifically for litigation purposes. These programs allow you to easily enter your information, which then turns into a timeline of events with added graphics that support the statistics.

Cover All Bases 

We all learn differently, with some people being more auditory or kinesthetic than others. When you are faced with communicating vital information, you want to cover all learning styles to minimize the risk of misunderstandings and assumptions. Presenting complicated data through timelines is a great way to bring organization to your case, and an ideal approach for the visual learners in your jury.

Create a Big Picture

Through the life of a case, situations can become confusing, exhausting, and emotional. At some point, your client may lose sight of the desired outcomes and get lost in all of the details. These moments can be pushed through quickly if a client can be reminded of the big picture and how much they have been through up to this point. By seeing a timeline of their medical visits, insurance claims and other inconveniences, your client can experience renewed energy and commitment to themselves.


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