Why and How to Prepare for AWS Certification?

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Amazon Web Services, aka the AWS, is one of the services that came into the market and took over it without a glitch. With cloud-based website hosting and secure remote serves it was everything companies dreamed of. When most of the companies migrated to this, it created a void in terms of people who are qualified to handle the situation. This is still true to the day.

With AWS certification gaining more and more value each day, every IT personal at some point thought about giving the exam. Not surprisingly, only a handful of them actually put in the effort to take the exam, and even fewer people successfully complete it.

Do I Need To Take The Exam?

Let us address this question first. Is it worth putting in the effort towards these exams? Well, the role comes with a lot of responsibilities and challenges; you will be an integral cog in the system of the company. The challenges that come with it will make you want to go to work every single day. If this is not motivation enough, then you should check out the pay scale. In the USA, this is believed to be the highest paying job today. Every major country has an opening for this position and the pay is as good as it can get. What else can you ask for?

How Do I Pass The Exam?

This is a pretty simple question to answer. You can excel in this exam by doing three simple things; first prepare the theory, then practice the labs and lastly, revise. It is really that simple. Let’s say this is true, then why doesn’t everyone who enrolls for the exam pass? Again, the simple answer is not following these steps right.

What Should I Not Do?

These are the most important things you need to avoid to make sure you excel in the exam.

  1. Just Do It:

Never wait until you are fully prepared to schedule the exam and don’t rush either. Set a timetable, see how long you need to prepare, give yourself a few days as a contingency plan. Once you schedule the exam, the pressure sure builds, but so will the zeal to study. So, take a line from Nike’s book and just schedule it.

  1. Take Time Out:

This is true when it comes to any exam you are preparing for. Make a timetable and stick to it. Once you schedule the exam, mark the date on all the calendars. Even starting a countdown might not be pushing it. Looking at the date repeatedly is like looking at a finish line in a race. It gives you a much-needed energy boost. If you are working professionally, being tired or being invited to a party are the biggest enemies, you need to look out for. Maybe if you can find someone to take the exam with you, it will be a whole lot easier and fun.

  1. Practice Makes A Man Perfect:

Yes, it is an age-old statement, but the beauty is that it is true to the day. Time management during the test will be a herculean task if you don’t take the sample tests. So, do as many sample papers and labs as you can. Always keep the theory and labs going hand in hand, this small step will go a long way when you are taking the test.

Once you are equipped with these armors, the test will be a calk-walk. Good luck!

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