When Real Estate Booms So Do Home Inspections

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The home inspection business is booming right along with the real estate business. This is a 3 billion dollar industry and this industry is so lucrative that there’s even franchise opportunities available. Home inspection is very closely related to the sale of a home. Before a person or family puts their home up for sale the home has to have a non-invasive examination or inspection. This inspection is usually done by a certified home inspector who has received special training. The home inspector could be employed by a company or he or she can be self-employed by their own company. A home inspector is not the same as a real estate appraiser and they should not be confused. A home inspector determines the condition of a home and the real estate appraiser determines property value. 

What Does It Take To Start a Home Inspection Business 

This business would be ideal for individuals with any type of construction background or a willingness to learn. You have two options when starting a business as a home inspector you can start from scratch or you can franchise. Starting from scratch maybe more difficult because you have to build your own clientele and find new clients on a consistent basis and you do not have much support. There is assistance available for the businessman or woman who wants to start from scratch. Organizations like the American Society of Home Inspectors and National Association of Home Inspectors offer training programs that can help individuals to get started. When starting a franchise you have a proven business model, you are guaranteed a certain amount of clients to get your business going, an industry training program is available, and most importantly you are not alone and have an ongoing support system. The downside to franchising it is that there are royalty fees and other fees associated with this business model. 

Individuals should do research and look into other home inspection companies that have been successful over the years. One company that comes to mind is White Glove Inspections Naperville Il. Look at how they got started, what services they offer, and how they have stayed relevant for so long. Also look at their customer reviews to see what the customers like or dislike about the company. Learning from a leader in the industry can only give you a leg up on the competition. 

How To Market Your Home Inspection Business 

When an individual first starts a new business from scratch the first clients are usually family and friends. Also you can obtain more clients who are friends of your family and friends. One of the most important relationships that should be built as a home inspection business owner is with realtors. Realtors sell houses so they definitely can provide you with client referrals and also refer you to other realtors. Another way of marketing is to build yourself a decent website that shows you are a legitimate business and that has your contact information.  Flyers, brochures, and social media sites such as twitter and linkedin are also valuable marketing sources that should be utilized. These types of networks can grow your business tremendously.


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