What Is a Fluidizer?

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In many industrial and pharmaceutical applications, it is important to fluidize compounds or to blend them up and keep them moving so that they can flow with a gas as though it were a liquid. These types of blenders use paddles or blades to keep things moving and well mixed.

How Is It Used?

A fluidizer blender is a self-contained unit with blades attached to a central axis. There are two other types of blenders, paddle type and ribbon type. Blenders which fluidize will have more blades than the other types for a more continuous flow and a better mixture while keeping the fluid level stable. Each type of blender will have the same basic exterior shape with just the blades being the difference.

The size of the blender unit is dependent on what types of mixtures are being blended, how much is needed at any one time and even how the blender is placed in the operation. You can get lift kits for overhead installations as well as blenders with holes in the top for hopper placement.

Where Do You Get One?

You can find these units, and all the needed accessories, through the manufacturer or through certified vendors. You can even find specifications for the units and accessories with a quick internet search to see the size, shape and placement of the blades before you commit to a blender unit. This helps ensure that you have the best fit for your needs.

A fluidizing blender is one with many different blades positioned at different angles and attached to a central shaft. This can keep the fluid level stable in the blender without sacrificing on the motion of the substance you are blending. You can find different types, sizes and functions of blenders to keep your production moving the way that you want it to.


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