Should You Choose a Detached or Semi-Detached Home in Bath?

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Throughout the UK, semi-detached homes are generally more sought-after than their detached counterparts. While there are some reasons why this is also the case in Bath, one thing to consider when buying property in this historic city is that prices here are significantly lower than in London, for instance.

Once you’ve consulted the list of pros and cons for both of these types of homes as found in Bath, you might find that you can, in fact, buy a detached home with all the amenities you need. Alternatively, you’ll be able to save even more on a semi-detached home in Bath than in other major cities.

The Detached Home: Pros and Cons

A detached home is a stand-alone structure designed for a single-family. When you purchase a detached home, you become the sole owner of the building and the land it is situated on. You can enjoy more privacy since these homes are usually surrounded by a fair amount of land and are not in the immediate vicinity of other houses.

Furthermore, you often do not need the approval of your neighbours to effect structural changes or resolve maintenance issues. If you decide that more space is needed for your growing family, you can make the necessary adjustments whenever your budget permits you to do so. Finally, you are less likely to be affected by surrounding noise or, likewise, to bother your neighbours.

On the other hand, detached homes tend to be more costly to build and more expensive to buy. This, in turn, means that you will often have to compromise more in order to be able to afford a house within the limits of your budget. Possible compromises include a smaller house, fewer amenities, and less attractive locations.

The Semi-Dezached Home: Pros and Cons

A semi-detached home is usually joined to another house through a common wall. When you purchase a semi-detached home, you become the sole owner of your half of the building and the land it is situated on. However, you will likely be required to consult your neighbour before making any structural changes.

The main advantage of a semi-detached home is its cost. This type of property is not as expensive to build or buy and, furthermore, has smaller upkeep requirements. Heating, for instance, tends to cost less in a semi-detached home due to the shared wall. Any maintenance that becomes necessary during the course of the years can also be potentially shared with your neighbour in terms of required work and funding.

The disadvantages in the case of a semi-detached home include limited privacy, more noise, and less room to grow. Nevertheless, these houses are preferred by young couples looking to start a family, but who are yet unable to afford the cost of a detached residence.

Not sure which is the most appropriate type of housing for you? If you’re looking to compare detached and semi-detached homes in Bath, the expert estate agents at Pritchards can help you out with personalized advice and years of experience working with the local market.

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