Seniors Find The Best Solution For Pain Therapy

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Many people regularly consume cannabis and a large majority on a daily basis. Be it for medical reasons, or for recreation, as evidence-based benefits widen, more and more people are taking advantage of its properties. In fact, there are more than 4 million medical marijuana patients in the United States and even more who partake in recreational means. 

Why Cannabis Has Become Ideal For Seniors 

While the most common method is likely to be smoking, experts say when it comes to marijuana edibles Denver CO companies have seen a surge in sales, especially for seniors. Prescription drugs, mostly strong painkillers and sleeping pills have increasingly been replaced by well-tolerated cannabis. A recent study shows the overwhelming numbers of nearly 94 percent of seniors surveyed who make significant improvements in pain therapy thanks to the use of cannabis. Seniors are using Marijuana for several ailments including the following: 

Chronic pain: Arthritis, nervous disorders, and degenerative disorders that results in chronic is significantly diminished. Cannabis is not only effective on pain, but also inhibits inflammation and providing quick relief. Glaucoma: Blindness in old age has become more common, and is caused by defective eye pressure. The optic nerves are destroyed in glaucoma and usually the pressure is reduced with prescriptive medicines. Marijuana has been effective not only with pain, but THC reduces the optical pressure. Chemotherapy: Marijuana helps to relieve symptoms and side effects of chemotherapy, such as nausea and vomiting, and has become a chosen remedy for many patients. Experts also point out that patients can benefit from cannabis products because they may have antidepressant properties. Cannabis boosts brain metabolism and increases the concentration of serotonin in the blood. Studies have found that this mode of action leads to a noticeable improvement in the mood of cancer patients. 

A large majority of seniors are not smoking marijuana, but instead, consuming it. And it’s not just brownies; a wide range of edibles, like cookies, honey, and other products, that use different doses are available. The effects of edibles take a bit longer to manifest, but the effects last longer than smoking. Additionally, smokers say they when consuming, there is a more profound effect, which is especially helpful for conditions like chronic pain. 

5,000 Year Old Cannabis Seeds Was The Go-To Medicine 

Cannabis seeds were found by archeologists that date back nearly 5,000 years. It was used in Asia as the basis for medicines and remained mostly legal throughout history. Today, more and more doctors and scientists recognize the medicinal potential of the plant. While criminalization began in the 1920s, the plant has once again found liberation, with many saying it should never have been frowned upon in the first place. Its active ingredients can scientifically remedy a wide range of ailments and is widely becoming an accepted part of society. While cannabis is no longer perceived as just another psychotic, addictive drug, it still has that unmistakable scent, which is still stigmatized today, but consumption appears to be the remedy.


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