Roll Off Dumpsters Are the Efficient Waste Solution For Businesses Of All Sizes

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Whenever a project is being performed, or a company is doing business at a location, garbage and waste materials are going to be generated. One way to make the process of removing trash easier is to rent a roll off dumpster. A roll off dumpster is a type of large trash receptacle that features an open top and wheels on the base. These rectangular-shaped containers are delivered by special trucks that hydraulically roll them off of the truck bed onto the ground. 

In the Chicago Heights, IL, area, for instance, many businesses regularly dispose of much of their waste in roll off dumpsters because of the convenience that the containers offer. With these dumpsters, most types of trash materials can be consolidated together. When the roll off container becomes full, the refuse company picks it up and replaces it with an empty container. Five standard sizes of roll off dumpsters are usually available for rental. These sizes are designated by the amount of cubic yards of volume that each dumpster holds. There are 10 yard, 15 yard, 20 yard, 30 yard and 40 yard models, and each size is just right for specific jobs. 

When they decide that the type of dumpster they need is an industrial roll off chicago heights il residents have several professional dumpster rental companies doing business in their area. The roll off containers are suitable for lots of different jobs, and prices charged for dumpster rentals are flat rates. It is common practice for many companies in Chicago Heights and elsewhere to rent these dumpsters on a long-term basis. A very important factor to consider when renting a roll off dumpster is that there is enough open space for a roll off truck to safely and efficiently deliver the container. The designated delivery spot for the dumpster should be open, and free of parked vehicles. 

Approximately 60 feet of driveway or lot space is needed for a roll off truck to access the delivery spot. When a roll off truck delivers a dumpster, the truck’s hydraulic system raises the dumpster up into the air. Therefore, more than 20 feet of vertical clearance is needed for the dumpster to safely be delivered. Another important factor involves making sure that the roll off dumpster is not placed on a dirt surface. If a dumpster is placed on dirt, and the dirt turns to mud because of rain, the dumpster and/or truck could become stuck in the mud. 

From an employment point of view, being a roll off truck driver is a good job for people who possess commercial truck driver’s licenses. The hours are generally early, because it is much easier for big trucks to deliver and pick up dumpsters from empty parking lots. Whether it be a short-term rental for a large residential project, such as a remodeling job, or a long-term rental for an industrial building, roll off dumpsters help to keep all sorts of work areas clean and free of unnecessary debris.

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