Real Expectations of A Truck Driving Job

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Everyone hears the stories about how much money you can make as a truck driver. They tell stories of traveling on the road and the adventure of it all. So when we see a ton of applications to any Team Truck Driver Opportunities Mid South, we know that many people get too excited about the adventurous aspects of the job, and they don’t really take into account all the responsibilities they will need to assimilate when they turn to the truck driving life style. 

Sure, truck driving seems exciting. Who wouldn’t love the ability to travel and make money? Truck drivers are privileged, they deliver goods to every city throughout the US, Canada and sometimes even Mexico. Truckers are essential to most industries, and best of all, if you do decide to become a driver, you get to see most of the country. However, you also need to be aware of the pitfalls to this job. There are both pros and cons to driving a truck, and the first year can be the most difficult. So before you really decide to take on this is the lifestyle, you want to analyze both the advantages and disadvantages of this career choice. 

The Life of a Truck Driver

Truck driving is just a job, like many other jobs. However, this career choice differs in that it is also a lifestyle choice. Once you become a truck driver your life will center around the job. You will be on the road much of the week, and probably won’t have a lot of home time. This is probably the hardest change you will have to overcome, especially if you have a family. In this career you won’t have much time to spend with family and friends, and much of your day is spent in complete solitude. Even so, for many drivers, it is the salary and the ability to take care of their family that compensates for the solitude. 

Driving The Rig

Another setback to the life of a truck driver may be the ability to control the truck or trailer. Of course, you have to have CDL training to work in the field. But this course is only about a month long, and you will need to gain experience. Driving for 8 hours a day is demanding and you will need an adjustment period to get used to the long lonely hours on the road.

Gaining Experience

In that first year as a truck driver you can expect to get the loads the more experienced drivers just don’t want. Rookies often have to go the long haul and drive from New York across the nation. Or they might have destinations and schedules that other drivers don’t want. 
The good news here is that this is the best way to see the country. As a rookie you will get to stop and see cities no one else has heard of. It is in the driver’s seat that you become detached from what is going on at home. Of course, that is a good and a bad thing, and thanks to technology, it is much easier to stay in touch with loved ones. You just have to remain committed to staying in touch with everyone. 

Is It Worth It?

It really depends on what you want and where you are in life. New drivers entering into the trucking industry can make an average of $20 an hour. Besides, it is an industry in continual growth which means that there are a ton of jobs always available. Trucking is demanding on the body. The long hours of sitting can make your back hurt and cause kidney issues. Being away from friends and family can also be difficult, but once you get the hang of it the benefits and the money you make can outweigh the negative aspects.

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