Benefits of Using Powder Coating

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Powder coating is a finished that was introduced in 1960 to North America. Since then it has become very popular and represents 15% of the industrial finishing market. It is used on a large variety of products and more and more companies require the powder coating. Powder coating is a durable finish that maximizes production, improves efficiency and simplifies environmental compliance. This coating is used as a protective and decorative finish and are available a large range of colors. 

Powder Coatings are combined with polymer resin systems, curatives, pigments, leveling agents and flow modifiers. These are mixed, melted, cooled, and grounded into a powder similar to baking flour form. Powder coating Melbourne uses powder to coat anything with electrostatic charge like automotive frames, parts and wheels, signs and lighting, wrought iron fences and gates, railings, balustrades, or any metal that can hold heat. 

Powder coating is very durable. It is more durable than liquid paint and can last through impact, moisture, ultraviolet light and chemicals. Since its so durable chips, scratches, abrasion, corrosion, and fading are less likely to happen. It can protect both household and industrial items. They are able to last a long time with this coating and look fresh. 
This process has become very popular for finishing coats on vehicles. Many people are looking for powder coating because it can be customized and has a nice finish to it. Although it’s slightly more expensive than paint for manufactures, it has been proven to more durable and last longer through any weather condition. Regular paint has chipped twice as fast as powder coating and is less environmentally friendly. Powder coating can save money on touch ups since it is so durable and long lasting. The coating can take days to dry, but the actual job takes 20 minutes to complete. It is thicker than regular paint 

Maintaining powder coating is quite easy since it doesn’t need any special cleaners. You do not need to worry about cleaning so often and can wash a few times of the year. Washing only requires soap and water of your choosing. 

Powder coating is non-toxic and non-volatile and has a low impact on the environment. It is not a fire hazard and does not cause short term or long term health difficulties if handled. This helps with applications and knowing that there are no true hazards when stored in homes. 

Powder coating is becoming more popular as a finish for vehicle paint jobs because of its durability and its environmentally friendly ingredients. It doesn’t have any hazards or warnings and comes in many colors and can be customized. It is thicker than regular paint and has been used for many things such as home appliances and car wheels. The process of powder coating is simple and can be finished in 20 minutes despite drying takes a few days. Maintenance is quite simple and does not require special products. Powder coating is less likely to chip or scratch due to impact or weather conditions. 


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