Air Filters, Air Filtration – Everything You Need To Know

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Air Filtration for the home and the office is essential for the workplace and the homeplace. What do you need to look for your home or your business? Today we will look at some of the things you need to know to choose the best air filtration system for the business or the home. 

What Is Air Filtration? 

Air Filtration Systems are devices that remove particles from the air such as dust and dirt. High-quality systems will most likely use air filters. However, because of varying systems specifications, there are many different types of filtration available. In the medical, commercial, and industrial sectors usually ionic, HEPA, carbon, and UV light air filters are used. Today we will go over the uses of these different types of filtration systems. 

Ionic Air Filtration 

Ionic Air Filtration requires voltage to charge air molecules. These types of air filtration is also referred to as air ionizers. The process produced negatively charged ions which do the job of pulling dust and dirt out of the air. When the dust and dirt make contact with the anions, the dust and dirt are removed from the air. Ionic air filtration is used usually in commercial industries. 

HEPA Air Filters 

The HEPA air filters are built to be considerably stronger than the ionic air filter type. These type of filtration remove over 99% of all particles in the air. HEPA air filters are constructed of fiberglass fiber mats. The mats trap dust, dirt, and other particles in the air as air flows through the mats. Usually, the thickness and diameter of the mat determine its effectivities. 

Carbon Air Filtration 

When carbon is combined with oxygen, the carbon pores open making the carbon air filters highly absorbent. Once the carbon is activated, the particles can be absorbed into the filter, along with any odors. Typical uses for carbon air filters are to catch chemicals and gases and completely neutralize the chemicals and gases. Filtration systems of this type can be found at an air filtration pennsylvania specialist. 

UV Light Filtration 

UV light filters utilize the natural reaction of titanium dioxide exposed to UV light. Mold and bacteria are usually neutralized using this process commonly known as a photochemical technique. UV light filters are primarily used in the medical industry such as hospitals and other types of medical care facilities

Home Air Purification 

Why air purification for the home? We all usually come in contact with one of these elements in the home such as cigarette smoke, dust, and pet dander. A good air purifier will remove dust and dirt from your home. Also, it should be relatively quiet at both low and high speeds and provide sufficient purification of air at both low speeds and high speeds. In average home situations, air purifiers should remove most cigarette smoke, dust, and pet dander giving you a safe, clean, home environment to live in!

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