The Kneader Is Used In All Industries

Do you need to mix high viscosity substances? A kneader mixer is also known as a kneader reactor and this is a machine that can be used across all industries and is used for mixing high viscosity substances. One of the main industries that utilize this mixture is the food industry. The machine is also growing a head of steam in the processing industry and is currently being utilized more.  Some of the substances that are produced in this machine is polymers and chewing gum. The machine mixes the substances in a horizontal manner with two Z-type blades on the inside of the machine that is actually mixing the substance. The mixer has a unique shape. The machine has a w-type barrel, with a hydraulic tilt, and a heating jacket on the outside. Chewing gum, dough, toffee, rubber, and adhesives are all made in the Kneader reactor. The first Kneader reactor was called the Sigma Kneader and this machine was developed by Heinz List. Heinz List was the pioneer of the modern processing industrial technology. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using Kneader Reactors 

This machine is excellent for mixing wet and pasty substances. These machines can mix very large volumes of product efficiently. The kneader reactor is a very big machine so it has a huge surface area. The machine is capable of cleaning itself 100 percent so this saves time on general cleaning. The machine can be sealed and closed to where when it is mixing it does not spill all over the place. This ultimately makes for a cleaner production environment. The way the kneader reactor is built or designed is specifically for high viscosity processing. This machine has made mixing easy throughout many industries and is recommended machine for any company that is involved with high viscosity mixing. 

The Types Of Kneader Machines 

There are many different types of kneader machines on the market. The three commonly used kneader machines are the intermeshing kneader, tangential kneader, and the extruder. The intermeshing kneader is a mixer that is similar to a compound dispersion mixer. What makes the intermeshing kneader better than the compound dispersion mixer is that the compound dispersion mixer is expensive to operate and the intermesh kneader is cheaper to operate and has extremely lower installation cost. The most commonly used type of mixer is the tangential mixer and this specific mixer is used across the rubber and plastic industries. The extruder is a specific type of kneader that can mix entire batches of any substance at once. This machine is also used for straining and forming whatever the substance is that is being mixed. 

One of top kneader manufacturing companies is a company called Kneader Machinery. This company focuses on creating innovative designs that focus on mixing rubber and plastic. This company is known for making some of the best kneader machines with the latest technology for producing plastic and rubber. This is just one of the many companies around the globe that produces quality kneader machines. The company Kneader Manufacturing focuses on plastic and rubber but there are other kneader companies that focus on creating other types of kneader machines. For instance some food manufactures will use kneader machines that are specifically made for mixing food.


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