The Importance Of Septic Systems

When sewage is collected it is usually collected and stored in a septic tank. The septic tank is where the sewage can decompose before being drained by a leaching field or septic drain field. The septic tank is usually an underground chamber and it is usually made of concrete, fiberglass, or plastic. Some people refer to septic tanks as an on-site sewage facility. These tanks are usually needed in areas that either have no sewage system or is not connected to a sewage system. The common areas where these tanks are used are in rural areas. There is a risk when individuals use septic tanks and the risk is groundwater pollution. 

When Septic Tank Repair Is Needed 

North Port, Florida is one of these areas where it is rural and there is a heavy usage of septic tanks. Because of this there is a great risk of groundwater pollution if the tank is damaged. This is why any septic tank repairs North Port FL is very important. If a person provides the septic tank with the proper care and attention the septic tank system can last for many years. This can only happen if the right professional is commissioned. The septic tank repairs are the responsibility of the resident and these repairs can be costly. So the common problems associated with septic system neglect or abuse are oil and grease put into the drains, cigarette butts, cotton swabs, menstrual products, and these can all cause a septic tank blockage or clogged. 

If food is being disposed in the septic system this can cause the system to overload with solids. Chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, and bleach can have a negative effect on the septic system as well. Other factors that can also affect the septic system are excessive amounts of water and roots and shrubbery. These things can all cause a septic system blockage. 

What Are The Environmental Concerns Associated With Septic Systems 

If a septic system is not maintained properly it can contaminate the surface and groundwater resources. This contamination can lead to public health and pollution problems. Septic systems do not fight against microbes so when chemicals such as nitrogen and other chemicals are poured down the drain or flush down the toilet these chemicals have a potential of leaking into the soil or water regardless if the septic system has an active leak or not. Other environmental effects also include negative gas emissions and this is caused when something called fermentation takes place. Fermentation causes gases such as carbon dioxide and methane to generate. If there are large amounts of nitrogen found in a septic system this causes something called algae bloom. Algae bloom is an excessive amount of algae that accumulates in or around the septic system. If the algae is not corrected this can lead to excessive phosphate accumulation and if this is not corrected it could cause eutrophication of the surface water at or near the septic system. These are the negative effects that can happen to the environment if a septic system does not have the proper maintenance that is needed to protect the environment.


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