Preserving Vaccines and Sensitive Lab Samples

In the world of medicine, there are so many studies happening in order to improve and save the lives of patients. Doctors, scientists and pharmacists are working around the clock to ensure that the people of our world are getting the treatments they need to continue to live their lives. In order to conduct testing, create new medicines and uphold the integrity of what has already been a success, a liquid nitrogen freezer, also called a cryogenic freezer, is used to preserve samples and vaccines. You will find these freezers in clinical labs, pharmacies and at your doctor’s office. There are a variety of cryogenic freezers on the market today that are chosen for its advantages in certain circumstances. Whether it’s a certain temperature sought or a style, liquid freezers are diverse and provides maximum protection and reliability for storing biological materials. 

Live virus vaccines, killed vaccines, toxoid vaccines and biosynthetic vaccines; body tissues, fluids and other materials, cryogenic freezers preserve these matters for maximum usability. Matters as such requires critical low temperatures. These freezers can come in a variety of temperature options: -20° C, -30° C, -40° C, -86° C, -150° C and -190° C. These freezers are a huge reason as to why billions of people today are able to walk this earth healthy and disease free. 

Why Is it Important to Keep Sensitive Samples in a Nitrogen Freezer. 

Well, for one, this method prevents the formation of ice crystals because of its particular rapid freezing process which allows for long term freezer storage. Also, temperatures are so low, the water inside the cell of a sample is vitrified or extracted by osmosis; when this happens, there is no metabolism. This is important for idealistic preservation of sensitive samples. 

Why is it Important to Keep Vaccines in a Nitrogen Freezer. 

Well, as it is probably guessed, this method protects and maintains the quality and potency. However, some vaccines should be refrigerated. Almost all live virus vaccines are frozen, but killed vaccines should be refrigerated due to extreme sensitivity matters. If an aluminum adjuvant is used to enhance the immune response of a vaccine, freezing must not be the source of preservation as damages will definitely occur. 

These freezers must fit in a variety of spaces. One size doesn’t fit all, and unlike your typical mental picture of a cryogenic freezer, as stamped in your brain by the movie industries (if you haven’t seen one in real life), they do come in a variety of styles and sizes. Buyers are able to get freezers that fit under a counter, for a bench top, ones that stand upright and ones of the style of a chest. It’s always a good idea to make your laboratory, pharmacy or doctor’s office look good while improving and saving lives. 

Cryogenic freezers are critical when it comes to preserving vaccines and sensitive body test samples. Without them, many patients would probably remain sick or even die. With testing of the human tissues and fluids, ensuring that the samples are preserved for a certain time extension is important because sometimes testing takes a lot of time to identify the cause of a problem. cryogenic freezers are built to allow samples vaccines to last at its strongest stage for a very long time.


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