Industrial Equipment Designed By Industrial Designers

Industrial designers have some of the most popular job outlook rates amongst other designers. Industrial designers create concepts and designs for industrial equipment and supplies. These designers are responsible for the look and concept of many various manufactured products. Often times, these designers specialize in a specific category of equipment or products. For example, automotive products or homeware products. They may have to travel for work. Traveling for dock equipment Las Vegas NV or to major cities like New York City can be apart of the job. Bachelors degrees are typically required and sometimes masters degrees are needed as well. The earning potential of an industrial designer can reach all the way into the six figure range. 

You may be surprised some of the most popular industrial design items. The Mini Cooper is a product of the work of an industrial designer. The Mini Cooper was created due to low fuel supply during the 1950s. This is an example of a specific type of industrial design. During this time, this was a phenomenal design feat for car designers and industrial designers. 

The slender contours shape of the Coca Cola bottle is a prime example of industrial designs. The brand itself is iconic and legendary. The bottle has become just as iconic and legendary. The design of this bottle was created from the ingredients of the beverage. A cocoa pod was the inspiration of the design of the bottle. 

The camera may not be as popular as it use to be since many of us have smartphones that act as our camera now. But when the camera was first launched the design of it was a great example of industrial design. The camera had to be designed to include all of its parts and functions. Additionally, the camera has to be designed in an appealing way. Industrial design won again with this product. The camera became a legendary item for many decades. 

Have you ever rode a bike? The bicycle is the product of industrial design. From the way, the bike looks to how the bike moves, is the product of the mastermind of someone who was working with expertise industrial design skills. This product falls into a category of transportation. Bicycles all look different. They’re made for women, men and children. But they all have one thing in common: their appearance and functionality were sculpted as an industrial item from the mind of an industrial designer. 

The concept of the ladder may sound simple to you but was revolutionary to society. Ladders have been around for a long time and are still useful to how we function in society. The ladder is an industrial item that was created by the efforts of an industrial designer. The ladder offers industrial purposes. Though it may be a simple industrial item, it is vital for many workers and something many people have laying around at home. 

The world of industrial design is probably more deep and diverse than what you once believed. Industrial design covers so many different product categories and ideas. Examples of industrial designs, industrial equipment and industrial supplies can be seen in our workplaces, vehicles, homes and the world around us.


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