Functional Ways of Covering Hideous Ceilings

Hideous ceilings are generally unattractive. But you don’t have to worry if you find yourself in a situation that requires you to do something about it as there are many ways to cover unsightly ceilings. Your ceiling doesn’t have to be unattractive for you to do something about it since you may want a change of sight. 

Ceiling works can sometimes be economical, but there are times that it can be more of an investment. The path you will decide to take as you cover your ceiling depends on the amount of funds at your disposal. Below we highlight some ceiling coverup ideas you may want to try. 

Affordable Ceiling Tiles for a Drop Ceiling 

If having a ceiling that resembles that of a commercial building doesn’t bother you, then drop ceiling is an economical coverup. For this project, you will need to install a grid system then place the ceiling tiles into the openings. You will find this task easy if you know how to use a level. Compared to other ceiling coverup methods, this is by far the most economical. 

PVC Tiles 

The process of installing PVC ceiling tiles is similar to the process of installing conventional drop ceiling tiles. The dimensions of PVC ceiling tiles are (24 inches by 24 inches). The advantage of using PVC tiles is that they are waterproof, unlike conventional drop-ceiling panels. If you decide to go for PVC tiles, we highly recommend checking out a Waterproof Lay in Ceiling Tile

Surface-Mount Ceiling Tiles 

Performing ceiling repairs might be something new to you. If this is the case, we highly recommend the use of surface-mount ceiling tiles as they are easy to install. Surface-mount ceilings need the installation of a grid system. Installing a surface-mount grid system is easier when compared to the drop-ceiling’s grid which is good news. Besides, the task can be done by one individual. In most instances, the tiles that go into the grids can be easily cut using scissors. 

Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles 

Ugly ceilings can be easily converted to beautiful ones through the installation of Styrofoam ceiling tiles. These ceiling tiles directly attach to the existing ceiling tiles using an adhesive. The beauty for opting for this coverup is the availability of numerous patterns that aren’t expensive. 


When it comes to covering up hideous ceilings, painting is the simplest solution. Before starting the painting process, ensuring that the ceiling surface is paintable is highly recommended. The process of repairing ceilings is similar to the process of repairing walls. If you don’t fix the imperfections on the ceiling, they will show when the lights are on. 

Using Tin Ceiling 

Time traveling to the 20th century might help you with your unsightly ceiling. Tin ceilings were all the hype in the 1920s. Property owners and developers opted for tin and copper ceilings to provide elegant looks and finishing. To pull off a ceiling coverup using tin ceilings, you will need an adhesive. There are many tin ceiling design variants so you will be able to create the unique look you’ll love.


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