Telecommunications and Emergency Vehicle Equipment in Alberta

Whether you work in the manufacturing, transportation, first response, healthcare or public safety industry, you need to have the right telecommunications equipment that will enhance the efficiency and safety of your operations. Fortunately, there are companies that have partnered with renowned manufacturers in the industry to offer a range of telecommunications, as well as fleet equipment that are suitable for different applications.

Telecommunications and Emergency Vehicle Equipment in Alberta

If you are looking for quality telecommunications, fleet or emergency vehicle equipment in Alberta, you will find companies that are known to sell rent and service a range of such equipment. They can supply, install and repair 2-way radio systems, AFRRCS radios, fleet vehicle lighting, as well as speed enforcement equipment. Whether you need speed enforcement solutions, emergency lights or sirens for police vehicles in Alberta, these companies can help. They can typically offer:

  1. Fleet Equipment Solutions

These companies are renowned for equipping fleets of vehicles with safe, reliable and advanced products. Right from the basic GPS, to two-way installations and other telecommunications solutions, these experts are capable of meeting your unique needs. For instance, they normally deal in some of the best warning lights, light controllers and siren speakers for emergency or police vehicles in Alberta. In addition, they also offer superior quality:

  1. Police vehicle partitions and push bumpers
  2. Vehicle mounting solutions
  3. In-vehicle and body worn video
  4. Speed enforcement equipment
  5. Back-up cameras and alarms
  6. Police gear

Besides supplying you with the best equipment, these companies also have great technicians that can help with the installation, repair or even servicing of the equipment.

  1. First Responder Communication Systems

The companies also provide AFRRCS approved equipment that will meet the communication needs of your operations. They have a large selection of superior quality AFRRCS-approved radio products that are suitable for different applications. For instance, you can trust them to supply you with the best quality:

  1. Single-Band Portable Radios
  2. Multi-band Portable Radios
  3. Two Way Portable Radios
  4. Multimode Mobile Communications Equipment
  5. Hand-Held Control Heads
  6. Technical Services

Besides supplying some of the best quality telecommunications equipment, these companies are also known to offer a range of technical services. The seasoned technicians are able to assemble and install the equipment in your vehicle while adhering to the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure high levels of safety and security. In addition, they can also provide timely on-site repair and servicing to reduce downtime. Other services they can offer include:

  1. a) Programming of radios
  2. b) Fleet mapping
  3. c) Troubleshooting system problems
  4. d) System configuration
  5. e) Radio inventory management
  6. f) Agency end user training

You can also rely on these companies for industrial or commercial PA systems, and a range of dispatch solutions. They have virtually everything you would need for your emergency operations. Moreover, their products are of superior quality and are affordable, while their services are timely, efficient and reliable. Whether you need good quality speed enforcement equipment or the best warning lights for police vehicles in Alberta, these companies have whatever you may need.


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