Insulation Contractors in Vancouver

If you would like to enhance the comfort, usability, safety and energy efficiency of your home or commercial space, then you need to ensure that it is properly insulated and fire-protected. However, in order to achieve the best results, you need to involve experts that have enough experience in the insulation industry. Sure enough, you can find companies that are capable of providing the most suitable insulation, fire-proofing and fire-stopping solutions.

Insulation Contractors in Vancouver

In case you are currently based in Vancouver, you will find renowned companies that can offer you the best insulation, fireproofing and fire-stopping solutions for your unique application. They usually offer some of the best insulation solutions and have the most qualified technicians that can handle every aspect of the insulation repair and replacement. Whether you need superior quality home insulation or you are just looking for experts in fireproofing in Vancouver, these companies can help. They normally offer everything, including:

  1. Thermal Insulation

This is a highly effective insulation solution that can significantly reduce your energy costs when it is properly installed. It is a glass-fiber based and spray-applied insulation product that can be used for industrial, institutional, multi-unit residential and commercial projects. The insulation material is comprised of inorganic, non-combustible glass fibers as well as a water-based non-hazardous synthetic emulsion adhesive. These are normally combined at the job site during the application. It is a versatile and highly effective insulation solution that can be installed on:

  1. a) Soffits
  2. b) Parkades
  3. c) Warehouse ceilings
  4. d) Commercial buildings
  5. Fireproofing Services

These insulation companies have also specialized in providing topnotch spray fireproofing solutions that are ideal for commercial and industrial environments. They normally use quality products and fire protection systems in order to provide superior installations that surpass the industry’s fireproofing standards and requirements. Whether you need quality fireproofing for your roof or floor assemblies, steel beams, columns or joists, these companies can help. Some of the fireproofing types that they have specialized in include:

  1. Intumescing spray fireproofing
  2. Exterior grade fireproofing
  3. Mineral fiber spray fireproofing
  4. Medium density spray fireproofing
  5. Wet mix plaster or cementations fireproofing

If you are in need of quality fireproofing in Vancouver, then these companies can assist you.

  1. Spray-Applied Acoustic Application

When handling a building project, you can easily overlook its acoustics, an aspect that could have serious consequences for your space. For instance, using a large space with numerous acoustically reflective surfaces can be extremely difficult due to the numerous echoes that may result from any sound that is produced. To avert such problems, you can call in the insulation contractors and they will install the spray-applied acoustic applications, which will absorb the sound that is produced instead of reflecting it. This will in turn reduce the reverberation time, making the speech, announcements or music that is played in such a space more intelligible.

You can also call experts from these companies in case you need help with the installation, repair or replacement of your spray foam insulation, fire stopping and sealing of electrical penetrations or concrete lifting. Whether you need superior quality home insulation or fireproofing in Vancouver, these experts can help.

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