How To Keep Your Business Safe

 With any successful business comes a threat to its prosperity. Thieves who are eager to steal money, assets, or even information, can infiltrate your business at any time. Perhaps one of the worst aspects to consider is that even an employee may be conducting theft right under your nose. Luckily, there are measures that you can take to help improve the security of your business and keep its profits and information safe. This article will discuss those measures. 

1. Key Cards

While certain businesses may find the use of key cards silly for their smaller business, they’re also allowing themselves to be opened to physical breaches. Card key systems Denver CO are an effective method for restricting access not only into your business but into certain rooms and levels. In regards to the exterior of your business, a key card can limit who enters during the hours when your business is closed. This can prevent employees who may be up to no good from entering based on the clearance level of their key card. If they’re not permitted to enter the premises during the off-hours, then they have to see a security guard to gain entry. In this way, even if they have a legitimate reason to enter the business, they’re still able to be watched by the guard. 

Besides the external portion of the business, key cards just as effective and useful to restrict access to all employees and wandering customers into certain rooms and halls. Those rooms that hold sensitive information or products should only be accessed by those who have permission to access them. Key cards can determine who has that right and can keep out those who do not. Essentially, it’s just another layer of security control that you can have installed into your business with ease. 

2. Lights

Interestingly enough, quite often all a business needs to improve their security is to have exterior lights installed. Thieves and criminals don’t typically break into buildings that are brightly lit. This is because it’s easier to see and identify them. If the risk proves too great for them, then they’ll continue on by and look for another business to steal from. You should have bright lights installed above every entry point into your business. It also doesn’t hurt to have a few added along the windows, too. 

3. Motion Sensors

For businesses that want to make their security airtight, you should have motion sensors installed on the doors and windows of your business. In this way, if there is even a hint of trouble, you or your security team can be notified. It also helps the security team react more effectively because they know exactly where in the building the breach occurred. Motion sensors can often also come with an alarm that can be triggered and scare potential criminals off of the property. With a well-placed camera, you can still catch their identity for prosecution.


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