Renewable Energy Sources – How to Save the Planet from Your Home

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Heating our homes is a necessary activity especially during the cold season. However, we have to ensure that we do it while still conserving our environment. Air source heat pumps are an example of a simple way of saving our planet. These pumps have the ability to heat your home and water using renewable energy. The pumps act like temperature control systems that save a lot on energy and space. Some of them can use solar energy which comes in handy when it comes to reducing your power consumption budget. To get the best deals to visit the air source heat, pump supplier.

The heat pumps use the same mechanism as fridges of changing the temperature of air but, instead of changing warm air into cold air, they do the reverse. The pumps absorb heat from the air even if the air is cold. The heat is absorbed into a fluid which is passed through a compressor to further increase the temperature of the fluid. The fluid is pumped into the house where it transmits heat to the heating and water circuits.

There are two types of the heating pumps but, one of them is mostly preferred. Air to water systems heat water and then the water is circulated around the house. Water circulation is done through an underfloor heating system or a radiator. They are also used for heating water in the storage for bathroom or kitchen use. The second type is known as Air to air system. It simply heats the house by circulating warm air via fans and it does not heat water.
The heat used by the heating pumps is obtained from the air around or in other words, it is obtained from the ground. This is what brings about the term renewable energy. For this reason, apart from having a clear conscience, you might also be paid incentives by the government. For the people living in England and wales, the government offers an incentive known as the Renewable heat incentive. To learn more about the incentives click Renewable heat incentives.

Many advantages revolve around the use of air source heating pumps for air conditioning at your home. To begin with, the cost of installation is not that much and it depends with your house. The cost you will incur on maintenance is also very low. It is estimated that you can use the pump for up to 3 or 4 years before you have to service it. Visit Advice on renewable energy. to learn more.

An air source pump for heating will generally work on any home, but there are certain conditions that will ensure it works perfectly. For this to happen, your home should have high standards of air tightness to facilitate fast warming and to ensure that heat received is retained in the house. The pumps work well when using a medium of circulation which has a large surface area, and thus, the radiators should also be large for convenience.

The greatest upside for using air source pumps for heating is the many advantages it has on the environment. The pump uses renewable energy and this is massively appreciated with incentives from RHI. The systems release lower levels of carbon emissions and therefore, they add lower levels of toxicity to the environment compared to other air condition systems.

In summary, it can be clearly stated that the pumps are an efficient way of heating our homes while conserving our environment. They use renewable energy and therefore they add very low levels of toxin to our environment. For installation, ensure that you find well trained personnel to do it and find the right pump to fit all your needs.


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