When Do You Need Lawyers For a Storage Unit

Storage units don’t seem like the type of business that would require a ton of legal assistance. However, all businesses may need legal help at some point. Whether an owner or a storage unit renter, here are a few reasons you may need legal advice to solve a problem.

Storage Unit Owners

Most small business owners who have been in the market for long can vouch to the fact that they need little assistance if any from legal professionals like lawyers or attorneys. These professionals can be expensive to use but are equipped with solution for your business problems. So, when you are in trouble of a high magnitude that is not solvable in a single day or not a matter of filling a form and submitting for approval, you may need a lawyer. Besides, you will need legal assistance if you want that uninterrupted sleep at night and to stay out of trouble in the future. Otherwise, as a small business owner, you can afford to be on your own. 

Lawyers’ help come in many ways and forms, and they can help you at any stage of business if you need them. For instance, you can ask for legal assistance when you set up your shop, to make sure that the documents are in compliance with norms and regulations of the business you are in. You will also need them in times of trouble, when your business is facing legal actions or lawsuits from a third party. You will need a lawyer when you are about to close the doors or when your business is in the exit phase. These lawyers will keep you and your business safe and away from scrutinizing eyes of the public and related agencies. In all other cases, you can get the same legal protection through your own efforts. When you are able to identify the problem, have a lot of time in hand to tend to it and understand the solution or alternatives, you will not only put your efforts to good use but save a lot of money that would have otherwise gone to a lawyer. 

Storage Unit Renters

Sometimes a renter may need legal advice if they have a lien against their unit or if they were injured while on site. Storing items at a storage unit Arvada CO usually requires a signing of a contract stating that you will pay the monthly rental in a timely manner. Sometimes storage unit facilities will sell a renter’s belongings if they don’t pay by the agreed upon date. If you feel you have had an unlawful lien against your property, you may need the advice of legal counsel with experience in this area. If you were injured on the property as a result of negligence by the facility, then you may also need to consult a lawyer who can help you receive reimbursement of medical costs and other damages.

Last Thought for Owners

Facilities that are set up as independent contractors and partnerships don’t come with personal financial protection, but an LLC does. Sometimes, the business owner may be personally liable for business debt, which means creditors or lenders have the right to confiscate your personal properties to pay for the debt. This is not the case when your business is set up with personal liability protection. The creditors can’t come after your personal belongings or assets that are distributed from a will, trust or other managed funds. They only have the right to cover the debt from the business.


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