Retail Arbitrage And Its Hidden Issues

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Making money is the primary goal to start a business. It means increasing your revenue, no matter you have an online or offline business, this is the basic goal for your business. While there are several ways to make a profit for your business, you can choose the option of retail arbitrage for you. There are different types of business models available today also, this new model is good to kick start your business on Amazon.  this business model is designed to maximize your profit. It may sound interesting but you need to find out all the minute details about it.  Zonbase blog can help you out to find out all the hidden details on it.

Benefits of using this business model

One of the biggest advantages of using this model is, this model is perfect for Amazon. even after having extensive categories of products, amazon can miss a few specific product categories because of their regular agreements with existing supply chains. With retail arbitrage, you can enter a third party authorized seller and can bring those new items on the rack and it can add more value to Amazon. this is not only lucrative for your customers to buy a new type of product but it is great for Amazon to get a valuable source. Because Amazon marketplace gets a cut for every product they sell on Amazon.

Lower threshold

With this process, your charges are low. You don’t need to have your own warehouse, extra workforce or any other resources you require to start a new business if you go through retail arbitrage. It lowers down all your business risks too. You don’t need to pay if you have less than 40 products to sell. This low-risk feature makes the model more popular with the users.

Private labelling

For many sellers, retail arbitrage is one of the best opportunities to sell labels. As you understand the way the marketplace work, you can establish your brand best with online private labels. Private labels are very much stable and attractive options to extend the business real arbitrage. This is great in long run, you can see more example of private labeling on zonbase blog.

There are some issues with retail arbitrage:

If you follow this business model, you will get the ownership of different products often. That means, you are getting specific limitations on your own business and it can cut your profits too. If one of your products is high one demand but you have limited stock you need to refer it to the retail stores. Even if the retail store has limited stock, you need to go to different retail stores to gather your collection. It is not about transportation costs only but it can bring a lot of hassle for you.

Little scope

There is very little scope if you have brand gated products. That means you need to have permission to sell such products on Amazon.


Every step of your business is associated with receiving and getting cuts. You need to cut a profit margin regarding the selling fee and the logistics or the fulfilment cost. This may reduce your profit margin to a great extent.

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