Methods to Validate Your Workforce

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A great way to incentivize a workforce is through validation. Numerous studies have shown that employees work harder, work happier, and stay longer when they feel appreciated. This appreciation comes in a variety of ways and if used properly can create a loyal workforce that feels like it is part of the company and not just a cog in a wheel. 

Increasing salaries, providing better benefits, and even hosting special events for staff are the best ways to validate your workers. They are also the most obvious forms of validation. Not only do they spur employees to work harder and find more value in the company itself, but they also give your business a good reputation as a nice place to work. But what about the day to day? There are various degrees to the validation your businesses demonstrates. Low level forms of appreciation are just as important as the major ones.


Praise is a very cheap and very simple form of validation. All that is required is a simple clap on the back, a general announcement, or a well-written email. Praise communicates that employees are on track, doing a good job, and adhering to whatever fundamental traits your business is supposed to exemplify. It makes them an example to other workers, and incentivizes said workers to earn some praise on their own. It only works, however, if you communicate well.

When praising an employee make sure they know why they are being praised. Also, make it a public gesture so the employee feels truly validated. Communicate to the spectators why the worker is being praised so they understand how to garner some for themselves.

Create Incentives

Hosting contests are a constructive way to foster validation. If you set certain goals that are employees are supposed to reach and offer a prize for the first to reach them you build a healthy work environment. Employees are spurred by a little competition, are inspired to work harder, and if they win they feel accomplished. Incentives are a healthy way to use validation because employee have to earn it. This makes the validation they receive a lot more meaningful.

Give Awards

Plaques and trophies are great validators because they are a gift that keeps on giving. If you award good work with some kind of physical gesture the employee can place it in their cubicle or office and be reminded of it. A simple certificate can remind a worker of the great work they did and spur them to do more of the same. Such objects can be provided by an Acrylic Corporate Award Supplier.

Create Celebrations and Milestones

An important way to communicate validation is by letting the workforce know you see them as people. Creating office traditions, celebrating important events, and paying attention to milestones are great ways to create a more intimate relationship with staff. It does not have to be complex. Simply remembering a worker’s birthday says a lot. Providing a staff member with a little gift on the anniversary of their joining the company is a great gesture. Hosting office parties for holidays can also make employees feel like a family.

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