Five of 2019’s top digital workplace trends

The increasingly speedy progress of the digital era means there have been vast changes in workplace habits and experiences. Developments in cloud, mobile and social media technology mean employees no longer need – or expect – to go to an office and sit at a desk for eight hours a day. Here we look at five ways organisations are transforming their practices in line with digital trends.

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Global technology consistency

Thanks to technology, the world is getting smaller and it’s easier for businesses to expand into previously unexplored markets. By implementing fast and reliable internet access, cloud-based systems and smart tech across the board, organisations can ensure everyone has the same software and services wherever they are, and promote both efficiency and high performance.

Improving the workflow

There’s a lot of technology out there, and that brings the risk that employees are overloaded with programs, potentially reducing rather than enhancing productivity as they switch between them. There’s now a shift towards unified platforms for file sharing, document storage and task distribution, some of which can integrate with existing services and apps to minimise disruption. Also, IoT devices such as smart schedulers are helping to streamline business workflows.

Mobile workers

The digital era has led to a sharp increase in mobile workers, who can now work at the times and locations they prefer. And with that has come an expectation that company systems and technologies will match the smartphones and communication methods they’re using as standard. Organisations are moving away from old-style IT systems towards business tools that mesh with the disparate needs of their workforce and also suit a younger generation’s natural approach to interaction.

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Enhanced collaboration

With the increase in mobile workers and global locations, companies are implementing new ways to collaborate and communicate. Digital collaboration tools, VoIP systems and cloud video conferencing all help to build working relationships regardless of location, and are simple to research – for example to learn about how an international VoIP wholesale provider works you can look at


Finally, the most important trend of all; so many organisations are transferring both data and services to cloud solutions, taking advantage of myriad customisable options. Cloud-based systems are crucial to staying relevant and competitive in the ever-shifting digital workplace, and tie together the business and communication needs of a flexible, productive global workforce.


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