Effective Wildlife Prevention Techniques in Ottawa

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Wildlife has always been a big part of our world, and watching wildlife can be a phenomenal experience, but not so much when they have infiltrated your home and are now in your property. Today, wildlife is finding its way into people’s homes in search of both food and shelter.

Having wildlife in your home can not only turn out to be a great nuisance but also a grave health risk for contracting several communicable diseases as a result of their toxic parasites, rabies and other diseases they carry with them.

If wildlife is already seeking shelter in your home, it is wise to call in wildlife control in Ottawa for the safe removal of the animals from your home.

If animals have entered your household once or twice before, the best solution is to hire professional exterminators in Ottawa to put up appropriate preventative wildlife control measures that will keep wildlife from entering your household in the first place. Here are some prominent preventative measures incorporated into wildlife control in Ottawa.

  1. Wildlife Control Proofing Roofs

Sometimes, animals like raccoons can cause damage to your roof and vents when searching for palatable entry points. As they look for entry areas, they can cause damage to the rood which can further present entry points for other animals like birds, bats or even mice, not to mention leave your home susceptible to water damage.

Wildlife control exterminators in Ottawa can help identify any and all foreseeable entry points and seal them. Strong galvanized steel mesh is used to protect various areas on your roof that can serve as entry points including the fascia, the soffit, the vents, and the pipes. This material is strong enough to keep all wildlife at bay and prevent any damage to the roof.

  1. Wildlife Control Proofing Ground

Most animals enter homes through low lying areas like the shed, deck or garage. If you have big holes in your home, squirrels and full-grown raccoons can enter through them. Professional exterminators in Ottawa can help minimize the chances of such animals entering your household by sealing any holes in your compound with galvanized steel mesh.

  1. Wildlife Control for Chimneys

The chimney is by far one of the most susceptible areas for intrusion by wildlife. They serve as the main source of entry for animals like squirrels. Sealing the chimney with a strong material that animals can’t chew through will help prevent animals from entering your home.

Additional measures used in wildlife control in Ottawa include:

  1. Keeping the attic dry.
  2. Regular garden maintenance.
  3. Sealing all entryways.
  4. Proper disposal and storage of garbage.
  5. Fencing your home with an electric fence.
  6. Keeping pet food inside the house.

Final Thoughts

There is a myriad of preventative measures that can be taken to ensure you apply proper wildlife control in your home. If protecting your home investment is your topmost priority, hiring professionals in wildlife control will serve your best interests. Keep in mind that the cost of safeguarding your home from wildlife intrusion is cheaper than the cost of removing wildlife from your home.

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