Easy Office Furniture Hacks

Setting up a new office with furniture enough for all your employees can be a costly proposition. Shiny all-new desks and chairs and cabinets can start your business off running in the red, but used items may not be as versatile or user-friendly as you need. Fortunately, there are low-cost ways to address the problems that office furnishings old and new can bring into the workplace. You just have to use a little imagination.

Silent Seating

Nothing like the screeching of metal desk-chair legs against a floor to distract everyone from the work at hand. Keep chair legs from becoming a noise nuisance by slipping grey tennis balls over the ends. They act like little slippers to silence the scraping. For wheeled chairs, check office-supply stores for plastic mats that can make rolling easier and more quiet. A little oil on the squeakiest seats may help as well.

Turning Tables

Open offices with maximum flexibility for individual work and group consultation are the thing these days. You may be wanting to change configurations often, but bringing in movers to rearrange heavy desks whenever you need to is a nonstarter. Try adding caster wheels to some desks, workstations, and tables to make it easy to put your people where they need to be.

Flexible Files

File cabinets can also benefit from the addition of wheels so they can travel where they’ll be of most use. Keep in mind that deep file drawers are also a good place for storing supplies and reference materials. Similarly, don’t limit your bookshelves to storing books. Place frequently used items like printer paper and toner, pens, sticky notes, and stationery on those open shelves so they’re always in easy reach.

You want your business to be creative, versatile, and quick to respond to problems. Let your office space be a reflection of that. No need to stick with something that’s not working.


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