Beginners Guide to Getting Started in Metal Working

Metalworking is a general industry term for a diverse set of specialties and skills. Metal workers include car body specialists, sculptors, jewelers, welders, blacksmiths, and etcetera. If you are considering getting into the metalworking industry, you will need to figure out the kind of metal working you find interesting. After that, you will have to decide on the type of metal(s) you want to work with keeping in mind each metal requires a particular kind of tool. 

How Do You Get Started in Metalworking? 

If you are a beginner, it is advisable to start with copper as it is easy to shape, pliable and also soft. One common mistake amongst beginners in the metal works industry is going for the most valued metals and tools as they start. Experts in the field will tell you that you do not need the most valued equipment or metals to make something both awesome and exceptional. You can look up any Plate Metal Supply san antonio tx and order for plate metals you will be using for your first jobs. 

Tools You Require to Set Up A Metalworking Shop 

When setting up your metal shop, you will need the following tools; a hacksaw, steel square, scratch awl, vise, rawhide mallet, riveting hammer, ball peen hammer, heavy-duty scissors, tin snips and safety equipment (safety goggles and at least two pairs of heavy gloves). Once you have these tools in your possession, you can proceed to make your first simple fabrication project. From here, you will be able to build your knowledge and experience. On the other hand, if you are considering to dive right into welding works, you will need to know the type of welding you want to do. Seasoned experts recommend starting with stick welding as it is the least expensive option. 

If you want to start with a different form of welding, there are numerous options to choose from including; TIG welding, Gas welding, MIG welding, and Laser welding. One thing you need to remember is that each of the types of welding mentioned is further subdivided based on the materials used. If you will be welding, you will need additional safety gear as welding emits radiation. A nice welding helmet will go a long way in protecting your eyes from radiation 

Where and How to Start 

Do you know a local person or business that specializes in metal work? If yes, talk to them and inquire about what you can do to get started. If you are lucky enough, some of them will offer you classes. If you like making things with your hands and are not afraid of making mistakes or learning new things, metalwork might be an excellent outlet for you; either as a career or hobby. 

You also need to know that your first projects won’t go you pictured them, but this is okay since there is a learning curve to get over. With each new project you set your hands and mind on, you will be learning more about the craft while gaining more experience. Later when you realize your potential, you will easily be able to turn your first works into of masterworks.


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