A General Laborer Position May be Perfect for You

The term BUSINESS in the broadest terms generally refers to a person’s profession, career or occupation. The business process involves the buying and selling of some product or service and includes those who are responsible for manufacturing the goods or providing the service. But businesses are ultimately about people and the industry’s success depends on how well people perform their jobs. The types of jobs that exist are too numerous to mention but this article will focus on the category of GENERAL LABORER. 

There is a wide variability even within that category but most of the general labor jobs exist in the warehousing, construction and manufacturing industries. In each of these areas, the job duties are mainly physical, the schedule can be full or part time and the salaries range from $13 to $25 an hour. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there are no specific skills or experience necessary and only a high school diploma or its equivalent are required. You must possess physical strength and endurance, be able to follow directions and at times work independently and have above average hand-eye coordination. The bad news is that these jobs are entry level and the duties and schedule may be ill defined. However, these jobs can often be used as stepping stones for advancement within a company or to gain general work experience and they are expected to grow by 13% over the next 10 years. 

Because these jobs will grow you will be able to find them advertised in a number of places. You can apply by contacting a particular company directly or by searching online. The first step is to research those types of jobs that are available in your area. You will probably find a wide variety even locally but some types are more prevalent in certain regions. For example, searching general labor jobs Denver Co will result in multiple listings in the construction industry, while Pennsylvanians will find mostly service jobs and those in Michigan may need to settle for work in the industrial or environmental industry. Once you find jobs that interest you, create a resume that includes a cover letter and references then contact a specific employer or post that resume on one of the multiple job match sites. Be sure to check the site or follow up often. 

Businesses receive hundreds of responses for each job posting so you need to take a few additional steps to be sure that the company notices you. Be sure that your qualifications match the job requirements and that you actually have the skills that you list. Do not simply apply for every job because the computer or an HR representative is looking for certain keywords in your application. This “keyword matching” means that if the posting uses the words clean driving record in the requirement section you should use those same words in the skills section of your resume. Also, do not supply specific answers to questions about salary or references. Rather, use phrases like will discuss in person or during the job interview to indicate your willingness to negotiate with the employer.


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